Tony Warrilow

Thirty years a professional photographer. With a career that has covered most genre’s of the photographic spectrum, Tony now focuses on producing fine art prints and original art works depicting the ocean and environs.

“Even after a lifetime playing on the coast I have found that since starting the Warrahwillah project I am only now starting to ‘really see’ the amazing environment where I spend my time.

This is the story that only the camera can tell. Moments snapped from a moving mass reveal details beyond what we can perceive with our eye. Look at the detail in the face of a forming wave or the spray of a backlit lip. ‘‘Truly beautiful.”

Our relationship with the sea. Throughout our lives many people develop individual associations with the ocean that are valued and long term.  From formative years playing at the seaside through to leisure activities and reflective moments the ocean is our life journey companion.  It becomes part of our life style and in turn part of who we are.

Art with feeling. Warrahwillah aims to capture evocative image of the ocean that allow us to take a visual representation into our homes/workplaces.

To you the viewer, I would like nothing better than for you to have one of my images in your personal space and that each time you look at it, it conjures up emotions in whatever form is appropriate for you. Tony Warrilow is represented by Margaret River Gallery.

Miller's Ice Cream, 314 Wirring Road, Cowaramup


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