Tamika Hogan

My name is Meeks, short for Tamika;
For as long as I can remember I've harbored a deep passion for creating, from being a little girl drawing illustrations on anything I could, to what developed into an absolute necessary part of my existence. 

Graphite realism was my first true love as an artist and has always flowed with total ease - something I’ll always come home to at the end of the day; but my absolute awe for colour and complexity lead me into an exotic affair with oil paints that has simply won my heart. They allow me to explore colour to extraordinary depths, capture playful moods of light and essentially render the world as I see it in all of its magic and brilliance.  My current work exhibits the marriage of these two loves~ Graphite portraits of illusive nautical goddesses infused with whimsical oil paintings inspired by transcendental moments in my life.

What inspires me?  Surfing and the Ocean- my all time playground and muse; Sunsets and Moon rises, Star-gazing in a swag, Camping, talking about the Universe, Solitude, Philosophising, Travel, Humans and Human Nature, Nature itself and all the different Australian landscapes- to name a few.. My dreamworlds and lucid dreaming are another major force that drives me to create and I sprinkle their influence throughout all my work; but that would have to be a topic for another time...

Come visit my Studio Shack for a chat and a memorable trip down Wilderness Road.

20 Wilderness Road, Margaret River

Directions: Coming from Margaret River town, turn left onto Caves road headed south. Continue for several kilometers until you come to Wilderness Road. Turn right and number 20 is the second driveway down... My studio is the shack to the right of the property!


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