Susan Hood

I have been passionate about painting, drawing, nature and wildlife my whole life and it is the combination of these passions that I draw my inspiration from for most of my work. I have lived and painted in Dunsborough region for many years but also spend a lot of time returning to the North West where I spent a lot of my youth, and camping throughout Australia’s rugged landscapes doing research for when I return to my studio. I also rescue and rehabilitate injured birds which often provide a perfect subject to paint from until they are ready for release. Australian birds have featured heavily in my work over the years and at the moment I have been working on a series titled “Nature’s Jewels “ which includes the Rainbow Bee Eater, Azure Kingfisher and the Rainbow Lorikeet. Although I have worked with most mediums throughout my career I have been using Acrylics, while working as Artist in Residence at Happs Gallery because of the convenience they provide with their faster drying times. I recently moved back to oils for some new works and the Rainbow Bee Eater is one of them. I find Oils are definitely more favourable for painting bird plumage because their longer drying time allows me to blend and soften the feathers for a more natural effect and the colours more vibrant as are the birds that I paint.

Happs Estate Gallery, 575 Commonage Road, Quindalup


T: 0429 704 766


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