Susan Collins

My desire to create has been within me since I can remember, but the opportunity to explore and delve into the world of art did not come until I reached my late 40s, some 20 odd years ago.
With no prior training and little previous experience or knowledge, my starting point was a preliminary art course at Kalgoorlie College (now Curtin University). Since then, I have taken part in numerous classes and workshops, gradually building my knowledge and developing my skills.

I am drawn to painting and primarily my art is about landscape and nature. I do enjoy creating some still life, but the subject must resonate with me or have special meaning.
The striking and pristine natural beauty of home town of Augusta – sky, river, ocean and forest – is a constant inspiration and the embodiment of much of my work.
I strive to capture a feeling or mood, rather than a true representation in my work. The act of painting can transport me to a place where the self is lost, and time evaporates. I am often surprised by the end results, as the work on the canvas seems to have come from elsewhere. Like all artistic pursuits, at other times it can be a real struggle.

I constantly aspire to find my own voice and the confidence and trust within myself to go with the process and create work that is truly representative of me.
Participating in Open Studios 2019 and showing my work is a big step in that direction. When I’m not painting, I design and make quilts. These are always hand pieced and hand quilted. I enjoy the ritual and meditative nature of slowly hand sewing a quilt along with the immense satisfaction and pleasure in finally completing a colourful and unique creation that is not only beautiful, it is functional and made with love from hundreds of tiny pieces of fabric.

5 Pelican Rise, Augusta


T: 0427 581 332


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