Sam James

I'm a contemporary realist painter working primarily with acrylics and oil on canvas. My preferred method of working is to draw and paint from life, where my focus is on capturing the effects of light hitting objects and the multitude of colours that are present within a scene before me. I focus on subjects close to my immediate environment which include landscape, still life and portraits. I also enjoy utilizing the everyday and overlooked in my work in an effort to recognize the beauty present within our world and to portray the extraordinary that exists within the ordinary. I also try to be playful and maybe a little bit irreverent in my works as I believe there’s too much stuff to worry about in the world already!! I am influenced in part by pop culture and by the work of artists I admire. 

129 Harrison Road, Forest Grove

Directions: From Bussell Highway turn right onto West Calgardup, then turn left onto Harrison Road. The studio is on the left hand side approximately 1 kilometre down Harrison Road.


Please note that many of the studios are private venues and not open to the public outside of the Open Studio's event dates. If you wish to visit a studio at an alternative time please contact the artist directly.