Salli Coppin

Far from traditional Jewellery, my designs are made from cast sterling silver and raw gems. 

My desire is to ‘let the process be’ to its own degree, to guide it without too much structure, so that the forces of the materials remain at play. Sculptural and raw,  my pieces- more often rings- are formed from a process that is unexpected and to an extent uncontrollable.-to play with fire  and allow other forces at play to be what they will , the raw gemstones cast into sterling silver to be revealed in their natural beauty.
The challenge then to bring them to become wearable pieces and show their true beauty whilst not hiding their beginnings or origins or process to become.  Sometimes pieces are handmade and added to the castings.

I love to explore, to play and see what comes. For me this is the soul of my work and what inspires the greatest pleasure in seeing the beauty that evolves.

RAW Series

I love the idea of almost garish pieces of rock, which many use as a symbol of status, being transformed into a sculptural form, a ring in an incredible raw state.
This is where it all originates - the earth - as a raw entity. And it is still precious and larger than life, not formed and cut until the elements are disciplined together at a designers will, but happily left to flow, and bond or not as the elements see fit.

This year with my work in process I intend to include crystals from the French Alps I recently acquired on a visit the the alps, along with an array of other very special and unique raw gem stones and metals sourced from Western Australia.

Margaret River Gallery, Shop 4, 1 Charles West Avenue, Margaret River

Directions: My studio is hosted in the Margaret River Gallery on Charles West AVenue which is a continuation of Fearn Avenue and just behind the target car park.


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