Pierre Requillart

Why do I use photography as fine art?
Have you ever stared at clouds and wanted to lose yourself in them, to the point of becoming the clouds?
As an artist I try to transpose into print the intensity of a passing moment.
Presented with a thought, a word, a smell or a vista we can have very strong but fleeting emotions brought back to the surface of our being.
These moments are so powerful we want to immerse ourselves in them, even just for a second.
Through my work, it is this fleeting feeling that I aim to prolong and bring to the viewer.  I want to suspend in time a small, humble reminder and hold it.
We can find moments like these anywhere around us.  On the way to the office, in a scent carried by the wind, a kind word from a friend.  An unexpected, fleeting reminder that you are alive.  It lifts you out of your daily existence.
I experience these emotions most often when I am near a body of water or wide-open space but they can happen anywhere, unexpectedly.
My challenge is how to transfer an emotion, triggered by one or more of our senses, to the most basic visual representation.
Photography as fine art is a great medium for such a task.
My work tends towards simple and purer line to the point of minimalism.  To properly focus on an experience, I like to clear away any distraction.
I prefer to work in monochrome, although not necessarily black and white.  I will use colour when it has a purpose in the representation of the emotion I am trying to convey.

7/16 Station Road, Margaret River


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