Marelize Landman

Welcome to my world where everything is black and white. Bright shiny eyes and cloudy skies. Charcoal smudges and chalk dust art. Move closer, and soon you'll see my heart. Between fiction and fable it's touch and go. Between someone you've seen before and someone you know. Captured and contained in a picture frame. Shadow pools and sunlight kisses. Catch a glimpse or startled stare. Brush with darkness / Stroke of luck in hits and misses. Secrets harboured, answers found in. Forest floor and tree trunk tops. Deep seas, shallow lakes. Soft as feathers. Or hard as beak. May I take you to the place. Where animals play hide and seek?

T: 0487 338 324


This artist is not participating in 2019. Check them out during next year’s event or please contact the artist directly. 

DrawingElla McDonald