Lyn Ward

I am a West Australian. I was born in Quairading and grew up on a farm south of town on Balardong Boodja and now live in Dunsborough on Wadandi Boodja.

I left home early and travelled extensively, broadening my world view, finding common ground and connections. I maintained a Stained Glass studio practice in the Peel Region whilst having two children and building a house/home.

Later I completed a B.A. at Curtin University and have since maintained a studio practice in jewellery and lately painting and mixed media.

The inspiration for my work has always been drawn from the natural environment: granite boulders, the capacity of seeds, the resilience of the earth, the vastness of the oceans and the strength of the human spirit.

1 Concord Brace, Dunsborough


T: 0408 958 738


This artist is not participating in 2018. Check them out during next year's event or please contact the artist directly.