Louise Farnay

Natures elements such as the motion of the ocean, and light through the forest, creating lustrous textural depths dominate Louise Farnay's work.

Only recently has Louise shifted her gaze from the hues of the ocean, to the forest greens. Using an array of textural abstraction, she creates layers to bring alive the forest depths, and the way light intrinsically plays with the negative space, creating mysterious shapes.

Her bright and colourful quirky beach babes are still evident in her oil paintings, however they have taken a textural turn to create greater depth and surface tension.

Once again, Louise's intention is to create beautiful serenity in her paintings, while her quirky beach babes series evoke her bountiful energy and playfulness.

5 Moonshine Place, Dunsborough

It's in a quiet cul-de-sac and easy to find by googling the address.


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