Josh Windram

After the success of his first MRROS in 2019, Josh Windram is back in 2020!

Josh is a talented abstract artist who draws inspiration from his dark past and combines it with his emotions and the beauty of Australia to produce simplified abstract landscape paintings.

Although he uses ‘landscape’ as a reference, it’s the energy and emotion that he puts into his art that brings the paintings to life and creates the magic.

Josh’s works portray a strong sense of home and vary greatly depending on the headspace that he is in at that moment. It is often when he is in his darkest space that he creates his most beautiful and impacting work, providing viewers the opportunity to venture into his world and evoking feelings within them.

Josh works primarily with acrylic paints on canvas and utilises techniques such as bleeding, staining, blending and leafing. Using a selection of brushes, pallet knives and other tools, he brings life to the canvas by introducing texture and vibrant colour to generate mood. Josh takes advantage of contrast to produce dramatic skies and adds opposite complimentary colours with balancing neutrals to produce works that are truly unique.

With music being such a massive part of Josh’s life, he pays tribute to his favourite tracks by naming his paintings after them. The songs may be ones that were relevant to him at a particular point in time, that he was listening to whilst painting, or that he simply loves.

In 2019 Josh and his mother, renowned artist Ingrid Windram, opened their shared home studio in Vasse. Josh and Ingrid had an amazing time meeting new people and showing their work to the public. With the overwhelming positive feedback received, there was no question in Josh’s mind whether he would do it again. It was the most rewarding experience of his art career at that time.

This mother and son duo will again be opening their studio this year. Come and see their amazing creations!

121 Belltonia Way, Vasse


Please note that many of the studios are private venues and not open to the public outside of the Open Studio's event dates. If you wish to visit a studio at an alternative time please contact the artist directly.