Josh Windram

My Artwork is a constant reminder of what I would be missing out on had I not decided to change my life and do something to feed my soul. After having spent 20 years in the Kimberley, I now live in Vasse, South West WA and have set up my Home Studio, expanding my subject matter that is predominately taken from nature. Loving this new life with my supportive wife, family, my dog Rothko and our farm animals, I am embarking on making a career as a Professional Artist.

The paintings that I create are named after songs that have inspired or were relevant to me at that point in time, an example being ‘Wish You Were Here” (A title that emerged when I was painting in Perth away from my Wife and missing her dearly). I primarily paint on canvas with Acrylic Paints, utilizing blending techniques, staining, bleeding and leafing to name a few.

Using a selection of brushes, pallet knives and specific tools I bring life to my canvas by introducing texture and vibrant colour to generate mood and take advantage of contrast, often to produce dramatic skies and add opposite complimentary colours with balancing neutrals to complete the painting.

The work that I often create is best described as a simplified abstracted landscape, offering the viewer an opportunity to venture into my world, and perhaps have evoked within them the feeling generated by the landscape from where I drew my inspiration.

Having now stepped onto this new path of creativity, I feel privileged to at times have the opportunity to share a studio with my mother, fellow Artist Ingrid Windram, whom was the first person to not only introduce me to Art, but also encourage me to pursue it as a profession.

During these painting sessions we bounce ideas off of each other enhancing our creative potential, frequently giving rise to growth in our personal artistic development. 
Given that Life is an evolution in itself, it would hold that Creative Art has the same properties, and is given life by its creator, the Artist.

With this in mind I very much value the time spent in the studio with Ingrid (mum), as I am sure we both benefit from our exchanges, not to copy but to grow as creative beings, who love sharing this creativity with those of you looking for inspiration or an uplifting image to immerse your imagination or just enjoy the emotion evoked by our paintings.

To further my lust for inspiration I am planning field trips to Denmark and Malloy Island, then as time permits, I am hoping to arrange a Houseboat trip on the Blackwood River with family, which will include some painting and quality time spent with loved ones.

121 Belltonia Way, Vasse


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