Jo Mayo

This is my second year with Open Studios. I exhibited in the Brick Lane London gallery and in the Netherlands twice,  having previously experienced participation in both many group and solo exhibition settings in the south of England.  One such resulted in selection for an arts award in 2013. This is before coming out to Margs to live and work here from 2017. 

I find Life Drawing massively enjoyable and exhausting at the same time. The challenge of sculpting, using only graphite lines to create the body’s 3D contours on a 2D plane! We were not allowed the indulgence of shading or crosshatching because it was considered cheating. Overall, the discipline I learnt was well worth the pain. 

I have also relished commission work and think I produce better pieces with a deadline! I am happiest painting experimentally though, usually starting with an idea and seeing what evolves, and have used a variety of media. I have been startled by where this leads to, sometimes further away from the original idea than you ever imagined. Some would consider this risqué or unstructured but I don’t feel afraid of this process, in fact find it quite liberating. It would be more scary, not to be able to start at all for fear of not having a clear destination in mind, or being confined to the first idea. I believe this pathway helps uncover my real relationship to the object(s) or scene I choose to paint.

I suppose I’d like to think my style is still evolving, as I believe in healthy growth, although I have a particular pen and watercolour style I think. More recent acrylic painting tends to be impasto in bold colours and I have enjoyed doing the larger artworks. I find that I am increasingly liking heavily textured finishes and am drawn latterly to natural stone or wood as objects of inspiration. Australian colours are surreal.

I guess I choose to paint with an abstract, impressionistic style to figurative art, drawing from travel inspiration and life observance. Hence I am including paintings inspired by a 2018 Tassie trip. I am drawn to bold colourative use and believe tonal variations always affect the success of the painterly outcome. 

I am currently studying for a WA Fine Art and Visual Communications Degree. 

41 Woodland Drive, Burnside


T: 0467 000 435


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