Ingrid Windram

Nature provides the inspirations that I draw from, expanding on the elements to create the essence of the subject matter. Light, colour and texture live exuberantly in my artistic world!

I have worked and lived in the Kimberley region for some 20 years, immersing myself in it’s vibrant landscape. With inspiration being drawn from the red escarpments, boab trees, aqua waters and the pindan sands.

I look for the light and magic the paintings are not replicas of an area I try to inspire the viewer to sense the “essence of the landscape”.

I have now set up my Vasse studio which nestles into a stand of trees on 6 acres. Here I feel nourished and inspired. It’s a different landscape which has offered new challenges in seeing the light, colours and textures. The bold reds and cobalt blue skies are replaced with the layering of blue greys, green greys, the turquoise coloured waters and white sand dunes.

I am an Australian landscape painter, whose art works are composed of different styles of painting which include realism, impressionism, and a degree of abstraction. The mediums I like to use are mostly good quality acrylic paints used on either stretched canvas or Arches rag paper. The wonderful textural quality of these paints allows for some structure when needed. The strong pigments of acrylic paint can also be used as thin washes extending the paint in combination with the paint mediums, using them more like a wash technique offering a translucency.

The humble charcoal medium with all it’s many possibilities is a favourite, it is a surprisingly versatile medium, which charcoal allows me to create exciting artwork often intimate or dramatic allowing the exploration and the imagination to prevail.

As an artist, I am a visual person and as such being immersed in nature is not only an advantage but I guess the essence of my being, so the more experiences I am exposed to the more alive I feel and the faster my creativity grows.

For me the field trips, the life experiences, the frustrations and the world of creativity are all part of the journey that I am on and forever thankful for.

121 Belltonia Way, Vasse


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