Helen Bos

As an artist I am interested in the significance of numbers and its connection to everything around us. The universal language of mathematics is present in all my work and builds the foundation for each work. The study and preservation of ancient knowledge is my motivation and recently numerology and the ability to create my own materials from nature has also taken its own path within the art pieces.

Drawing has always supported me throughout a turbulent and unusual upbringing that was spread across South Africa, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom. From an early age I learned about the importance of will and strength to achieve ideas that may seem farfetched or irrelevant to others. As we grow up our character is often built by our surroundings, culture and society most say that it becomes hard to learn new information or change direction as an adult. Recently I have learned that large significant change can come from anyone or anything with optimism, persistence and obsession to detail and knowledge.

Kingston School of Art London was a playground for experimentation and gave a lot of breathing ground for me to find a love for printmaking and visual communication. Mostly, I would like to thank Hochshule Luzern for opening my eyes to the understanding of pigment and ancient processes. The trust from the Mentors truly bred confidence in my ideas and abilities. For the first time here I felt that the process and detail in the preparation of the work were just as important as the outcome. It is for this reason that my sketchbook has always been a pivotal part of my practice, an item I truly feel lost without.

Leaving Europe and going to India was an eye opening experience where I learned a lot about sacred and ancient knowledge. The people I met and conversations we had inspired and fired my current work in progress. Largely inspired by Plato and Aristotle's learning system ‘Quadrivium’ and the fact Henk my father is a Mathematician, I feel drawn to the language of numbers and Nature that hold an ability to speak to me somewhat more than people of my own species.

The philosophy of printmaking, bookbinding and arithmetic has instilled a focus on preserving traditional craft forms that are slowly disappearing. Turning the eyes and ears to see, hear and recognize patterns, and with my hands transition these into pieces of art. The art for me lies in the way knowledge transpires into a different form of conspicuous life, protected and preserved by those who use the hours in their days to master it but more importantly, look and listen.

Evans and Tate Studio, Cnr Metricup Road and Caves Road, Wilyabrup


T: 0481 997 332



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