Heidi Mullender

An Australian fine artist who resides in Dunsborough, Heidi’s creative expression focuses
on compositions of still life and landscapes local to her home. She works primarily in oils with a Tonal Impressionist technique to capture light and mood. Her painting style is very active; walking back, squinting, blocking in tones and shapes with deliberate strokes without drawing. Contrast between light and dark is what draws and compels her to capture the beauty of form and colour; from light glistening on ceramic or glass to how it dances on waves. She relishes the chance to paint “en plein air” (outdoors) to capture the colours, light and energy as she sees it. She uses a range of tools to create, with some works completed with only a palette knife, sometimes brushes, sometimes fingers!

When viewed from a distance her work is very realistic and is pleasantly painterly with deliberate texture and strokes when enjoyed up close.

She is a self-taught artist, apart from brief tuition from a family friend who studied under David Moore of the Twenty Melbourne Painter’s society, an experience which changed how she saw the world.
Her work often evokes a feeling of calm and peace with her soft, warm colour palette.

Heidi runs regular workshops for adults, children, corporate groups at local wineries, is a popular activity for residents and those holidaying in the South West.

She also takes commissions.

Merchant and Maker, 8/35 Dunn Bay Road, Dunsborough


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