Fi Wilkie

My current body of work focuses on the natural and wild environment we discover not far from our door steps here in South West WA. 

I have a particular passion and interest for the unruly nature of the bush and how it contrasts with what we build for ourselves. This leads me to examine how we value this natural environment and engage with it and its role for our 'tree change' communities going forward.

Since childhood Ive always enjoyed getting lost in the bush, the European settlers ideas of fearing the bush were never mine,  I was more your Skippy the Bush Kangaroo/ Harry Butler kind of girl - ready to climb the tree, turn the rock or reach down the hollow log.

The recent passing of my father brought my mind back to contemplate much of this time and I view my current body of work, very much about remembering and memorialising him and this halcyon time. I think too, it has reawakened this explorer mindset in me and this work is the result.

As a family we experienced up close, the effects of Dementia on a life. Leading me to contemplate how the loss of memory and then of self, affects our sense of identity. I see now that our memories are for sharing and telling - one day it may be others that hold them for us.

How I make my work:
My process is all about deconstructing what I see - using random mark making and play - I then focus on shape making and meaning, creating my own language for it.  

How we switch on our own Creativity is something that fascinates me and something I focus on and regularly share with my students and workshop participants via my offerings at Toot Studio and via the unusual  Art Experiences vehicle Ive created - Margaret River Art Adventures - where we hope to introduce more visitors to the regions Art opportunities and build on their unique experiences, how they observe the environment and engage with it, while they are here. 

Toot Studio, 7 Wilkes Road, Margaret River

Directions: Can only be accessed from Bussell Highway. From Margaret River, drive 3 mins south along Bussell Highway. Turn right up gravel road onto Wilkes Road, directly opposite the intersection of Rosabrook Road. 


Please note that many of the studios are private venues and not open to the public outside of the Open Studio's event dates. If you wish to visit a studio at an alternative time please contact the artist directly.