Elizabeth Whiteman

Luscious, buttery oils are my medium. Colour is my language. Multi-layered, colour-drenched canvases. I seek to expand my vocabulary and tell stories that move me.

Stories of vulnerability and fragility. How this provokes such a diverse range of human response, from the desire to nurture and protect, to discard as worthless, through to perverse exploitation and abuse for personal gain…

Nudes figure prominently in my paintings – naked, intimate, private. I want to gently peak behind the mask, reveal what’s hidden, raw, laid bare, exposed, both in the subject matter and in the human response. The exposed becomes the exposer.

The Farm Margaret River, 343 Burnside Road, Margaret River

Directions: The Farm Margaret River is situated on the northern end of Burnside Road. Turn north from Carters Road (3km) or south-west from Bussell Highway (3.43km)

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