Delfina Monteverde

"It looks untidy, but when I am there everything makes sense. Things are not just there by mistake, they are part of the scene, of the essence, of the passion. Even the papers on the floor have a reason to be. 

Then a big silence... the room is quiet for some days. Nothing moves, stillness overwhelm. After a couple of days go by I am back in the studio with the piece in the middle of the process. The action begins again. 
This movement is part of the creation. It is in this creative process where things come alive and the piece has a meaning when it's finished. 

More stuff is added to the environment, one on top of the other, it still makes sense. More colors, more textures appear playing a new role in the chaos where I understand myself.

Suddenly there is one thing in my sight that bothers me. A pencil out of place, a crooked book, a paint stain. My surroundings stop making sense. I can't be there anymore, it is disturbing. I have the feeling of stuff invading my personal space. I clean, I organize the room. Materials find their place in their boxes, boxes on to shelves, excess is thrown away.

Now I find myself at the beginning again. My mind is blank, the room is clear and my paper is white..."

Margaret River Retreat, 11117 Bussell Hwy, Forest Grove


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