Dawn Brittain

I have participated in the annual Open Studios event every year since its inception. The main theme of my work has been based on “family” – the lives lived and being lived, portraits of my current family and tributes to past generations. This is a challenge which provides a continuous source of inspiration to me.

I have also been working with home made recycled paper mache and canvas, into book form, my imagination being ignited by a family of grubs under a piece of Jarrah bark . “The Grubs Dairy” showing like us, the rhythm of their lives and the marks they make.

763 Caves Road, Anniebook

Directions: My property is situated adjacent to Caves Rd, with a split- rail fence frontage approximately 8 ks from Dunsborough, next to Station Gully Drain Bridge. The studio cannot be seen from the road but signs will guide the visitors to access.

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T: T: 0429 230 688



Please note that many of the studios are private venues and not open to the public outside of the Open Studio's event dates. If you wish to visit a studio at an alternative time please contact the artist directly.