Colin Pratt

I’ve drawn and painted all my life using a range of media, but changed to encaustic in 2000 after a chance encounter on a visit to England. Since then I have developed different approaches to using this form of medium, enjoying the opportunity to experiment, and creating captivating effects. I make most of my own materials (waxes, supports, frames) which gives me the ability to be flexible with the size and shape of the painting. Collage with encaustic is my principal style, and I tend to use other natural products as complementary materials.

Crushed ochres, marri and grass tree resins, and ash/charcoal are featured prominently in many paintings. The scope offered by encaustic also enables me to use current topical issues as themes on which to build paintings, incorporating two and three dimensions for effect. My work is on display at Happs Winery and Gallery, where I also conduct occasional workshops. My own small home studio is also the location for workshops during the year.

Happs Estate Gallery, 575 Commonage Road, Quindalup


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