Christian Fletcher

Christian Fletcher has been a professional photographer for 27 years and still retains all of the passion and enthusiasm for taking a great photograph. At the core are three aspects of photography: capturing the beauty in landscapes, teaching his technical skills to others and using his photography to reinforce the connections we all have with our natural environment.

Christian has perfected the art of light, composition, colour and post processing. He believes that all great landscape images have to have the ‘perfect light’ at their core, and it is this light that he is most respected for.

Christian is also a humble and passionate advocate for the very environment that allows him to do the job he loves. He is a vocal supporter for sustainability and action on climate change from a grass-roots level.

He uses his creativity and the best equipment available today to push the boundaries of landscape photography into areas that invoke serious reflection in the viewer’s mind.

Shop 4, 27 Dunn Bay Road, Dunsborough

Directions: Located in the heart of Dunsborough town centre.

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