Cate Edwards

Pick me! Pick me!’ my all knowing newborn self, shouted to the wand wielding fairies, when they were giving out gifts. For, after securing my loving father and my adventurous mother, my gift: to enjoy to make pictures and to frolic around with colour and shapes. Doing so, brings me much satisfaction and joy.

I graduated from Sydney’s City Art Institute, with a BA in 1984. Since then she has been working as an artist, illustrator and teacher, mostly using water colour and ink on paper and acrylic on canvas.

I like to start with a theme or an idea and then see where it takes me. It is always a surprise to see what happens when I get out of my own way.

16 Grange Way, Quindalup

Directions: Grange Way turns off Commonage Rd -(next to Biddles Rd and Commonage intersection.)

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