Carmen McFaull

I have worked as a full time artist for twenty years. My practice has continued to evolve over time, especially when I took on the challenge of using a more abstracted form of expression. I still paint in a loose impressionistic style that depicts real-life situations and scenes, then continue to manipulate the composition and colour combinations so that there is subtle or dynamic movement as the eye navigates the canvas. Water, light and shadow are predominant themes, which offer interesting variety and the opportunity to create emotive passages using a number of varied techniques and mediums. 

Since moving away form Perth to Dunsborough, new possibilities have presented themselves. I have a large gallery space and have regular open studio events. Running comprehensive workshops has been rewarding and being able to mentor emerging artists is exciting and worthwhile. We have combined en-plein air with studio sessions. 

I continue to be involved in submitting work for art awards which has also proved to be successful and reinforces my commitment to excellence in my field. 
I have a comprehensive website showing the full gallery of artworks and workshop schedules for 2019.

12 Killarney Rd, Dunsborough


Please note that many of the studios are private venues and not open to the public outside of the Open Studio's event dates. If you wish to visit a studio at an alternative time please contact the artist directly.