Bethany Treanor

An emerging artist and full time visual arts student, I strive to to be sustainable by using recycled, reusable and up cycled materials, and when needed, I source new materials locally. I use a range of media, oil sticks, pastels, acrylic and oil paints and paper mache sculpture. My first love is oil sticks and pastels. I use these in my emotional landscapes. These drawings use blending, rhythm and harmonious balance to show you what I feel when I capture a moment in the scenery around me. They evoke rather than provoke, allowing you to to be embraced by the emotion of the moment.

6 Bussell Highway, Margaret River

Directions: Last house on the left hand side of Bussell highway as you leave the Margaret river town-site. If you reach the pull over bay you have gone too far.

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T: 0474 795 005


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