Amelia Jajko

I am drawn to the interplay of light, the relationships and interactions it forms as it throws and reflects, illuminating all that it surrounds. A warm glow on an indoor plant, glistening reflections beneath the ocean. Using vibrant colours and buttery oil paint, thick brush strokes and chaotic lines, these are the things that excite me. It is part of who I am, I make art because I love it.

As a child I spent many school holidays painting with my Grandfather and Artist, Greg Baker. Through him I learned to love to paint. Moving to Dunsborough, now my home. I met John Garde of Tinkahill Gallery and took a series of his classes that broadened my skill set and reinforced my love of paint. These experiences are reflected in my work, as I continue to explore and grow as an artist.

2 Acacia Close, Dunsborough


T: 0401 844 607 


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