Alice Linford Forte

I feel strongly about expressing myself as authentically as possible. Through abstract painting I lay down my emotions; raw and unfiltered. My work is an extension of my mood, executed through colours, shapes, lines and empty spaces. As long as I continue to refine and develop, so does the art. 

I grew up in Margaret River, but flew the nest straight after high school. 

Since then I have lived in England, Morocco, and for the past 4 years in Lombok, Indonesia.

As I’m fortunate enough to have a beautiful farm gallery space readily available for me, it’s hard to resist returning home each year to spend time with my family and immerse myself in several months of intensive studio work. It’s a bonus that the farm offers a peaceful, albeit quirky atmosphere that continues to nourish the creative flow. Step outside the studio doors and see peacocks, guinea pigs, donkeys, alpacas, pigs, ducks, chickens and more…. a sensory indulgence for nature lovers.

As haphazard as my approach to painting is, I love that it embodies so many characteristics of my lifestyle; the motions of shifting, changing, moving & experimenting. Experiencing new cultures and environments and adopting a very ‘trial and error’ attitude toward any task I pursue. It’s not uncommon to spend days or weeks on a single piece, and in the final stages of completion suddenly veer drastically off course and cover half of it in blue before taking it off the frame and throwing it on the bonfire. I value these moments for what they teach me and thrive on mistakes made.

I’ve stubbornly persisted at doing what I enjoy most and not tailoring my work for anyone’s taste but my own. I let the intuition lead and the rest follows. The result is a kind of visual escapism.

In 2017 I proudly received my first official art prize (Highly Commended) at the Busselton Art Award, People’s Choice award at the Margaret River Anniversary Wine Label Art exhibition at Cape Mentelle, and then selected as a finalist in the Mandorla Art Award. The hard work and rejections finally paid off!

The last 6 months have been fairly tumultuous; a lot of travelling and no fixed address. As a result I’ve spent very little time painting canvases and more time painting walls in cafes, bars, yoga studios and spas.

People say ‘livin’ the dream!’, but the reality is that my artistic career has been incredibly challenging at times. I’m learning to roll with the lows as well as the highs. It’s taught me to be more humble and grateful for what I’ve been lucky enough to achieve thus far. 

Birchfield Farm Gallery, 368 Calgardup Road, Witchcliffe

Directions: If driving from Margaret River, turn right at the Roadhouse in Witchcliffe onto Redgate road. After approximately 3km, turn left onto Thompson road and continue to the very end. Turn right at the T junction and it's your first driveway on the left. 
Alternatively you could continue South past Witchcliffe for 2.5km and turn right onto West Calgardup road. Birchfield Farm is 4km down on the left, just after Hadley road.


Please note that many of the studios are private venues and not open to the public outside of the Open Studio's event dates. If you wish to visit a studio at an alternative time please contact the artist directly.