Decide who you will visit - Look through the website or grab a free guide and identify which artists you like the look of. Mark these studios and refer to the map to plan your journey.

Plan your trip - We cover a large area so planning ahead is essential. Use Sat Nav or Google Maps to locate studios and for ‘hard to find’ locations check our website or call the artist. Then layout a route to follow.

Be a great visitor - Be respectful and thank the Artist for opening their space for the event. Supervise your children and keep them with you while you visit. Always contact the Artist first if you would like to bring a dog onto their property.

What to ask an Artist? - Our artists welcome your interest in their work. Below are some great conversation starters. Art News published a guide on ‘How to talk to an Artist’ you can find it at

What is their process? - How do they make their work?

What is in their Artist’s Statement? - This details what the work is about.

What is their background and training? - Their area of study or perhaps are they self taught - this background can give you great understanding about the Artist and the work they do. Artists have diverse backgrounds and come to their practice for many different reasons. Please remember that our event celebrates creativity at all its stages. Some of our artists are emerging and others are well established. This diversity is the strength of our unique Event and promises countless discoveries for our visitors.

How many visits can I make? - Many visitors find that 5-7 studios in a day allows them time to chat, drive and picnic, some of our locations are open during later time slots, so plan your trip respecting the open times shown. As this is a driving based event remember to plan your trip and drive safely.

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