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Over 131 artists open their studio doors for the annual open studios event 28 April to 13 May 2018. Meet six artists here: Leon Pericles, Douglas Kirsop, Lauren Wilhelm, Jo Broadhurst, Fi Wilkie and Mary-Lynne Stratton as they prepare for Australia's largest open studios event.

Douglas Kirsop is participating in the open studios event for the first time. 

The delightful Lauren Wilhelm shares her studio ahead of the 2018 open studios event.

Leon Pericles opens his fascinating studio and printmaking workshop to the public in the fifth annual Margaret River Region Open Studios event.

Jo Broadhurst is the man behind The Clayhouse gallery where you'll find ceramic arts from all over Western Australia. He works in paper clay, and welcomes you into his studio.

Fi Wilkie paints and teaches art workshops in her renovated barn just south of Margaret River. She's one of over 130 artists opening their studio doors this year.

Mary-Lynne Stratton opens her Yallingup studio once a year as part of the open studio event. Take a sneak peek here!

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Welcome to the 5th edition of Margaret River Region Open Studios and our rich crucible of creativity. For two weeks of the year the focus of the region turns to art as alongside the wineries and behind the beaches, a multitude of artists open their studios ready to greet you. Its an opportunity to talk with them, learn secrets, explore new techniques, share ideas, admire art, and maybe even own a piece.

Frequent visitors will notice a few changes designed to enhance the event experience and its presentation. A big bold new format for the guide giving bigger images for the artists, clearer maps, easier to read copy plus a smart new logo.

This is our biggest ever event with 130 artists and it also marks the retirement of our founding chair Bill Castleden. A big thanks goes to Bill, he’s a true giant of Open Studios and our continued success will only be there because we stand on his shoulders.

A big thank you also goes to Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries for being platinum sponsors, the event would not have been possible without their support. Plus a big thanks to all our other sponsors, advertisers, volunteers and of course our tireless board.

So set the Sat Nav, fire up Google Maps, and head out on an exhilarating journey into art.

Jim Davies


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