27 APRIL - 12 MAY 2019

Free event

Open Studios 2019 Cover.jpg

Explore Open Studios 

Over 131 artists open their studio doors for the annual open studios event 28 April to 13 May 2018. Meet six artists here: Leon Pericles, Douglas Kirsop, Lauren Wilhelm, Jo Broadhurst, Fi Wilkie and Mary-Lynne Stratton as they prepare for Australia's largest open studios event.

Fi Wilkie paints and teaches art workshops in her renovated barn just south of Margaret River. She's one of over 130 artists opening their studio doors this year.

The delightful Lauren Wilhelm shares her studio ahead of the 2018 open studios event.

Leon Pericles opens his fascinating studio and printmaking workshop to the public in the fifth annual Margaret River Region Open Studios event.


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